Poultry Vaccines

Protect Your Flock

We specialize in turkey vaccines to protect flocks against several types of disease. Each serial is tested for potency, and recent efficacy studies have shown excellent prevention of disease outbreaks.

HE Vac

Licensed since 1988, H.E. Vac has been administered successfully to over one billion turkeys, and has shown consistent aid in the prevention of secondary E. Coli infections due to immunosuppression by the hemorrhagic enteritis virus. This single dose product should be administered at 4-5 weeks of age, and is available in 1000, 2000 and 5000 dose vials. For long term storage, H.E. Vac should be frozen, however data has shown that the product may be stored at refrigerated temperatures for up to a month due to the stability of the product. Product will not be damaged by being thawed and then refrozen.

Snick Guard

Licensed in 2003, Snick Guard is a modified live vaccine that aids in the prevention of Bordetella avium infection in turkeys. Field usage has resulted in reports of increased rate of gain in vaccinated flocks on B. avium infected premises. Prevention of B. avium infections will help reduce the clinical signs of newcastle and pneumovirus outbreaks. Research studies consistently show that B. avium infections, along with newcastle or pneumovirus challenges, result in much more severe disease conditions than disease due to newcastle or pneumovirus alone. Snick Guard is offered in 1000 and 2000 dose sizes, and is to be administered at ages 10 and 24 days of age. This is a freeze-dried product and can be conveniently stored at refrigerator temperatures.

Ery Vac FD

Licensed in 1991, our Turkey Erysipelas vaccine is the only live oral vaccine available for turkeys on the market. A multi-dose product effective in preventing erysipelas in market turkeys, Ery Vac is available in 1000 dose vials, and should be administered at 8 weeks of age. Repeat dosage every 3 weeks after initial dose is recommended. This is a freeze-dried product and can be conveniently stored at refrigerator temperatures.


Use Stable-DYE-zer, a waterline stabilizer with a blue dye, to monitor the movement of vaccines through the waterline. ARKO’s original stabilizer helps neutralize chlorine in the water, stabilizes vaccine membranes and provides nutrition for vaccines while in solution. The new Stable-DYE-zer provides all of those benefits as well as added stabilization plus the dye to track the movement of the vaccine.